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"[the song] 'Ana Ocarina' is one of the greatest songs I know."

- Pete Seeger, Musician, Composer, Icon

"Bernardo probably has the widest grasp of Latin-America music of any musician and producer in the country, having produced recordings and concerts of the top musicians, although often little known in this country, of styles including tango, nueva cancion, salsa, flamenco, Andean, Dominican rock, Cuban, and classical styles, with performers and composers from virtually every Latin-American country: and he has done this consistently"

- David Soldier, Mulata Music

Bernardo Palombo, the founder of El Taller Latino Americano, has helped expand my mind. I spent nearly three years in New York City learning about language, art, music, and literature from the entirety of the Americas from Bernardo, an educator, an artist, as well as a songwriter and musician of the Nueva Canción movement. His passion to make space for others; his attention to languages, sounds, and voices; and his ability to scheme and dream against all obstacles astounds me and makes me a better person and poet.


-Anthony Cody, National Book Award for Poetry 2020

Palombo has the ability to make songs that performers –from Philip Glass to Dan Zanes, Trabuco Venezolano to Big Bird–want to sing.

Since his first recording in 1969 of “Vendimiador” sung by Los Travadores, Palombo's talent has brought him a notoriety that spans continents and musical genres.

Between his desire to learn and an innate facility for sound, Palombo is in constant motion, often pairing dissonant ideas and getting them to flow. These examples go beyond his talent for music and extend to his passions for language, art, food and, most of all, people.


What has not brought him fame has brought him other riches, the kind that brings friends, admiration and most of all the infusion of knowledge that fulfills a curious mind.

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